find a breast reduction surgeon directory breast reduction resources glossary popular searches: breast reduction for men   breast reduction healing   home > resource center > breast reduction > find a plastic surgeon enter a zip code to speak to a plastic surgeon that serves your area. All practices    cosmetic surgery    plastic surgery plastic surgery body    benelli lift    breast asymmetry correction    breast augmentation    breast lift    breast reduction    male breast reduction breast reconstruction select the type of dentist you need cosmetic dentistry general dentistry orthodontics breast reduction: the recovery time line breast reduction, just as its counterpart, breast augmentation, is a very popular and relatively safe surgical operation. generic viagra available Though not involving any major organs or blood vessels, it is considered major surgery because the operation is performed under general anesthesia and the patient requires time to recover. What to expect after the operation swelling and bruising around the breast areas is normal. viagra cost This edema and discoloration will eventually vanish within a few weeks. generic viagra online If there is any itching or dryness, a skin moisturizer will help, but avoid contact with the sutures. Your doctor will have detailed post-op instructions for you on your last pre-op office visit. Until then, here’s some information in advance on what you can expect. The first day after surgery some pain and sensations will be felt in the traumatized areas as the anesthesia wears off. viagra online without prescription Your doctor will provide you with pain medication should the pain become intense. Extreme care must be used while the body begins its healing process. Limited physical activity no lifting children or heavy objects no sexual or arousal activity stay home up to 2 weeks no showers or baths two to three days later the patient is fitted with a special surgical front-access bra which is applied right over the dressings. best price viagra us This will be worn for several weeks. Often, thin tubes are inserted in each breast for a day or two for the drainage of blood and fluids. order viagra online Use only sponge baths until the sutures are removed, usually 7-10 days later. One to two weeks later unless the doctor has used dissolvable sutures, the sutures will be removed. canadian pharmacy viagra no prescription This will be your first observation of your breast reduction surgery. taking viagra under tongue Do not expect too much from your breasts at this time. Swelling, bruising and discoloration are normal and will subside in time. With the stitches out, normal bathing can resume, but be gentle. viagra without a doctor prescription One to two months later sexual activity can return to normal with caution used in cont. buy real viagra